Slides & presentations


Below are links to some of our presentations including those at the American Diabetes Association, European Association for the study of Diabetes and American Society of Human Genetics. If you wish to use the slides, feel free but please email the presenter to let her or him know which slides and in what context and we can send,,,,,

“Favourable Adiposity”.
Work of Jess Tyrrell, Hanieh Yaghootkar, Yingjie Jie, presented San Diego, USA, ASHG October 2018.

“Favourable Adiposity”.
Presented by Hanieh Yaghootkar Diabetes UK 2018, London.

“Gene x environment interactions in the UK Biobank: Evidence that physical inactivity and sleep inefficiency accentuate the genetic risk of obesity “.
Presented by Andy Wood ASHG 2017, Orlando.

“DNA and Lifestyle Interactions: Tracksuits, Genes and Pyjamas” .
Presented by Andy Wood EASD 2017, Lisbon.

“Using genetics to understand how the intrauterine environment influences birth weight”.
Presented by Rachel Freathy at EASD 2016, Munich.

“Gene-Obesogenic environment interactions in the UK Biobank”.
And with voice over here .
Presented by Tim Frayling on behalf of Jessica Tyrrell at EASD 2016, Munich.

“Understanding the causes and consequences of high BMI”.
Presented by Jess Tyrrell at UK Biobank meeting 2016, London.

“Favourable Adiposity”.
Presented by Tim Frayling at ADA 2016, New Orleans.

“An alternative explanation to apparent epistasis”.
Presented by Andrew Wood at 1000 Genomes and Beyond meeting 2014, Cambridge, UK; ASHG meeting 2014, San Diego.

“Birth Weight/Maternal Fetal Health/Barker Hypothesis Anniversary”.
Presented by Tim Frayling at ADA 2013, Chicago.

“FTO and Other Biological Insights from GWAS Studies”.
Presented by Tim Frayling at ADA 2010, Orlando.

“Genome-Wide Association – Where Are We?”.
Presented by Tim Frayling at ADA 2008, San Francisco.